As a child, Marrika Rodgers (CEO/Founder) had a passion for cooking. During the holidays, she would rush home after school to go over to her grandparent's home and help her grandmother (Bretha Rodgers) cook for the family, which was her greatest highlight! She became a vegetarian in 2010.


Instantly, she had a strong desire to help provide a healthy food option to the community at an affordable rate. With her passion to serve; partnered with her new lifestyle change, she was on a quest. Over the years of experience and research, she felt it was a great time to launch Gem Jars by Marrika.



We thank all of our supporters! Our supporters are our family, therefore, Welcome to the Gem Jars by Marrika Family! We look forward to serving the community!


Holistically Living,

The Living Well w/Marrika Enterprise Team


 We are committed to living more holistically, daily…Join the MOVEMENT!